Future Proofin’ with New Roofin’

New Roof

God told us to

“Cast all our cares upon Him,”

Why? Because,

“He cares for us.”

1Peter 5v7

We are called to Live by & follow God’s example in ALL that we do – easy right?

It’s never easy to follow Jesus, because truth is He is perfect & we aren’t! But that also isn’t an excuse not to try. You see, whenever our church roof had literally more leaks than a sieve, there was only one thing for it – a new roof! But that comes with HUGE expense that could easily have been left for the future generations to struggle with – after all patch up jobs could have continued but then the problem would still have been there. An equally BIG decision was made by our church family, and that was to echo God’s word by sharing the burden – a refreshing perspective in today’s society that frequently passes the buck!

We have still some way to go financially so if you would like to contribute know you will be contributing towards generations to come, for the life of not just Sunday services, but rather the everyday community programmes that are very much the MOSAIC  that makes our fellowship what it is!

But this is also a call out to ALL in our local area – PLEASE MAKE USE OF OUR CHURCH [both building & people] – it’s for YOU!

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