Oops who nicked the tower?

The tower was always the thing people noticed, but it didn’t really ever do much (other than look pretty). And so, due to issues with damp and more, the decision was made that the tower would come down! But as the job begun, so do did the challenges.

The builders went to start nicking the tower off the church only to realise it was solid stone! And so the tower came down stone by stone instead of in huge chunks. In french there is a saying that is “petit à petit” and it was quoted to me on a hard journey of suffering & recovery that seemed to take forever. Here’s the thing though, as tempting as it must have been for the builders, bringing in a bulldozer would have saved time bringing down the tower, but it would have also caused more damage too; but stone by stone, ‘petit à petit’ or ‘little by little’ for the rest of us, the job was done & done well!

Sometimes we have a challenge in front of us that might look too big, but with the right attitude & help then the challenge can be overcome.