Announcements 5th November 2023


Sunday 5th November 2023

10:30am Rev George Moore


Sunday 5th November 2023

10:00am Burney Room

6:30pm Mosaic

Discipleship Events

The Immerse programme is taking a break tonight and will restart next Sunday, 12th November at 6:30pm. Please plan to join the prayer meeting tonight at 6:30pm.

Organisation Notices

GLOW will be taking a break today but we will be operating Children’s Church for all primary aged children during the service.

PW (Presbyterian Women) next meet on Monday 6th November 2023 at 2pm in Mosaic. Special Guest is Helen Setterfield from Throat Cancer Charity.  ALL LADIES WELCOME.

PARENT AND TODDLERS will be returning on Thursday 9th November at 10:30am.

FRIDAY CLUB  will be returning on Friday 10th November at 7pm.

FRIDAY NIGHT THING will be returning on Friday 10th November at 8pm.

For full announcement sheet: 5th November 2023