Announcements 12th December 2021


Sunday 12th December 2021

10:30am Rev Reuben McCormick – live streamed

12noon Rev Reuben McCormick – in person only

6:30pm Rev George Moore – in person only


19th November Carol Services 4:30pm and 6:30pm [those who normally attend at 10:30am are invited to 4:30pm service and those who normally attend at 12noon are invited to attend at 6.30pm]

25th December 10am

26th December Service available on Youtube from 10:30am

2nd January 10:30am [Single Service time] Rev George Moore

Session have decided that on Christmas Day morning and from the New Year we will move to one service on Sunday mornings.   Distancing will remain at 1metre. You will be seated by stewards as you arrive, we will fill the church first then have an overflow to the hall, where the service will be live streamed.   While this not perfect it does mean that we all can be in worship together in person at the same time.  Wearing face-masks for the whole service and using sanitiser will continue along with social distancing.  Thank you for your support and patience as we make changes to enable us to be together as much as possible. Church is better when we are together.

Organisation Notices

PARENT & TODDLERS GROUP: An online Registration Form is now available on the Church’s website and on Facebook. We would love to welcome as many as possible to our Group but unfortunately our numbers will be greatly reduced due to COVID restrictions. Also all who wish to attend must complete and forward this form to the email address given.  The start date is Thursday, 13 January 2022 from 10:30 to 12 noon and we will be in touch with all those who complete and forward the form. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Church Notices

FWO: The Committee have agreed that the last day for offerings to be received and included in the 2021 financial accounts will be Sunday 19th December. Any monies received after this date will be included in the 2022 financial accounts.

UNITED APPEAL: Glengormley  has again achieved its United Appeal target of honour which this year is £11,054. This money has now been forwarded to PCI. Many thanks to all who contributed.

Tearfund: A further £103.50 has been forwarded to Tear Fund following the recent football match in spite of the embarrassing defeat suffered by GPC! This brings the total contributed to over £700. Thank you to all who supported the team financially.

EARL HAIG COLLECTION: The Remembrance Sunday collection raised a total of £190 which has now been forwarded to the Earl Haig Fund. Thank you.

CHRISTMAS FOOTBALL: We kick off our post Christmas fitness regime at Seaview Football Ground with football on 28th December 2021 at 6:30pm, followed by food for all afterwards. All welcome Costs: £10 per person (Football and Food) or
£5 per person for Food only. See Peter Shepherd for more details.

For full announcement sheet: 12th December 2021