Announcements 11th October 2015


Sunday 11th October

11.00am Morning Worship “Shoe Box Sunday” Series: Journey Like Jesus. Sermon: ‘Jesus the Go-between’. Scripture: John 7 v 14-24 Rev David Brice

7.00pm Evening Worship Series: Zephaniah – God’s word in Godless Days. Sermon: Understanding God’s anger. Scripture: Zeph 1 v 1-6 2 v 1-3 Rev David Brice


Discipleship Events

Mid week Meeting: Wednesday 14th October at 7.30pm in The Burney Room. Studies in Joel. ‘A message of hope.’ Joel 2 v 12-27 Rev George Moore


Leadership Events

Property Sub Committee meeting Tuesday 13th October at 7.15 pm in the Minister’s Room.

Congregational committee Meeting on Tuesday 13th October at 8pm in The Burney Room.


Organisational Notices

Thursday Together: Lorna McKee will be our guest speaker this week and will be singing and playing the guitar.  We meet as usual in the Burney Room at 2.30pm


Congregational Notices

Operation Christmas Child – Shoebox Appeal 2015: Ann and Maureen would like your assistance in celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the FIRST shoeboxes being sent to Romania. Since then, over 100,000,000 shoeboxes have been sent to 139 countries, worldwide. Come and join them, in a cup of tea or coffee, and a bun or tray bake in Mosaic after this morning’s service. The Church has now been involved in the above Appeal for sixteen years. A token gesture of your appreciation would enable us to help keep the Appeal going. At the front of the church there are 25 flags of countries that have received shoeboxes, one for each year of the 25 years that Operation Christmas Child has been delivering shoeboxes. All the colouring of the flags was done by our Brownie Pack. Thank You all for your continued support as always. God Bless.


Church Notices

Charity HOST is seeking friendly people who could volunteer to offer an invitation to adult international students for a day, weekend, or four days at Christmas. To speak with your local organiser, visit or call Betty on 028 25645633.

For full announcement sheet: 11th October 2015